Creation, Not Attraction


In this video of a live workshop, I discuss the principles of manifesting, how and why it works, and how to more consciously control one's manifestations of life's events and experiences. Manifesting is also contrasted with the law of attraction theory.

Create a New Reality--

Move Beyond Law of Attraction Theory

trade paperback book

This book includes everything I remember learning in the afterlife about the power of manifesting physical reality and leads you step-by-step through how to create more opportunities to better your life, to replace old beliefs that hold you back from creating a happier life, and to heal yourself of physical and emotional wounds.

 Manifest Healing


These CDs from a live workshop explore what I learned in the afterlife about the body's healing abilities and our spiritual manifesting powers to heal ourselves physically and emotionally. Self-healing programs are included.

How to Manifest

Physical Reality


In this 2-CD recording of a live workshop, I detail how Source, and we souls who are part of Source, manifest the physical world that humans experience as reality and how to change it. I describe the three physical environments I instantly manifested in the afterlife and detail the Knowings about manifesting I received there.