Author Nanci DanisonI learned in the afterlife that there are two great engines created by Source/God that drive human life: biology and manifesting.

Knowings I received in the afterlife showed me that the biology of human animals has evolved over the ages in accordance with the laws of nature. A lot of what we experience in life is simply the product of the animal survival instinct. This instinct drives most of our day-to-day activities, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, recreation, procreation, and nesting. Many people lead human lives consisting almost exclusively of these activities, just as Source/God anticipated. We incarnated souls are here, after all, so that Source can experience firsthand what it is like to live as a human.

The non-biological aspects of life are generated by our spiritual ability as parts of Source (what we call "souls") to literally create what humans perceive as physical matter and physical reality--in a watered down version of how Source created the universe. Most of our manifesting is unconscious, and reflects our deeply held beliefs about life, ourselves, and the world in which we find ourselves. We can tell what those beliefs are simply by looking at the non-biological events of our lives. If we are unhappy with what we see, we can always change our human life experiences by identifying the root belief from which we are manifesting the undesirable ones, change that belief, and start unconsciously manifesting from a healthier or more useful belief. In addition, we souls can train ourselves how to consciously manifest specific events and opportunities into our human lives using the tools I was given in the afterlife. All it takes is "attention and intention."

The manifesting formula of "attention and intention" is simple in concept but often leaves us unsure about its application to a specific part of our lives we want to change. That's where Manifesting Coaching comes in. In a telephone call I can help you create a manifesting plan specific to your desired goal. I will suggest types of "attention" to pay to your goal, such as research you can do, places to go, and other activities designed to focus your attention on your manifesting goal as well as position you to see it once it appears. Then I will help you frame your intention to manifest that goal, including words or thoughts to use and how to get into the spiritually creative frame of mind. If it appears to me that you have an old, erroneous belief at the root of your current manifesting, we will work through identifying that belief, whether you still accept it as true, and how to change it to something more in line with your manifesting goals.

All sessions are one-on-one with me and completely confidential. The registration fee goes to my publisher to help defray the astonishing increase in book printing costs. When you order a session, the publisher will send you an email asking you to contact me with three dates and times that you are available for the session. You and I will correspond by email to confirm a selected date and time. On that date and at that time we will both call into a teleconference center for our private conversation.

Please understand that I am an attorney, not any kind of medical professional, counselor, or therapist. I do not have the training or knowledge to help you with any medical, psychological, or emotional problem.

You can register for a Coaching Session in the Online Store. You will receive an email within a couple of days about how to schedule the session.


Another option is to attend a Manifesting Workshop where a few participants work together, with my guidance, to create an "attention and intention" manifesting plan for each person's selected conscious or unconscious manifesting project. This allows you to hear suggested plans for additional projects raised by others, but lacks the confidentiality of the individual coaching session.